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Credit goes to Zephyri for the banner.
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The tenth iteration of the RarelyUsed premier league has finally arrived and with it tons of matches with RU's best! The purpose of this thread is to record and store all of the action-packed replays from this RUPL in one easy-to-find place. The games are organized by the week of the tournament and by tier in each individual week.

The team tags are:
[HIG] Heavy Metal Highlights [HIG]
[GLU] Almighty Gluttons [GLU]
[RUS] Sleek Slush Rushers[RUS]
[PAY] Rocky Mountains' Payloaders [PAY]
[ILL] Optical Illusionists [ILL]
[HUS] Deranged Hustlers [HUS]
[GUA] Noble Guardians [GUA]
[PER] Punk Rock Perpetrators [PER]​
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